More Choice.
More Voice.

For more than a decade , Minnesota has been a leader in implementing Ranked Choice Voting, an election system that is more inclusive, representative, participatory, civil, and responsive.

With over half a million ranked choice ballots cast since 2009, voters and candidates report that they like RCV, find it easy to use and want to see it used for all elections.

In November of 2021, five Minnesota cities – Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Bloomington, and Minnetonka – will use Ranked Choice Voting for their municipal elections. By allowing voters to rank their preferences instead of choosing just one, RCV gives voters the opportunity to make their voices truly heard. These Minnesota voters will have the opportunity to show the state – and the country – how easy and effective it is to use Ranked Choice Voting.

​FairVote Minnesota and our Rank Your Vote volunteers are excited to educate voters, candidates, campaign organizers, and members of the media about Ranked Choice Voting and help ensure that RCV elections run smoothly and successfully. We want everyone to understand and take advantage of the power to Rank Your Vote.

Rank Your Vote is a project of FairVote Minnesota, a nonprofit, nonpartisan election reform organization that engages hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters. Together, we work for a stronger democracy through public education and advocacy for Ranked Choice Voting, a system proven to be more inclusive, democratic, and representative than our current plurality electoral system. We educate and support candidates, elected officials, cities and voters in preparation for RCV elections.